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The Mercedes-Benz ClassicClub Management

The central umbrella organization for all Mercedes-Benz brand clubs

Mercedes-Benz Schritzug

Around the world, a total of 80 clubs with more than 80,000 members are helping to preserve the rich automotive heritage of the Mercedes-Benz brand - while bringing its history to life with numerous public presentations of their classic cars.

The members of the brand clubs are indispensable ambassadors of the brand with the three-pointed star. Mercedes-Benz Club Management coordinates this global PR potential and ensures a consistent and likeable style in public appearances.

The numerous activities coordinated by Mercedes-Benz Club Management strengthen the bonds between the clubs and the Mercedes-Benz brand. The members’ roles as ambassadors, multipliers and customers are actively supported. By providing services for the clubs, Mercedes-Benz Club Management protects the automotive cultural assets of the world’s oldest motor manufacturer – because Mercedes-Benz stands for tradition and diligence, in past, present and future.

Our Activities

Fahrzeu am See

Foundation and management of a central Mercedes-Benz Club organization.

Definition, compilation, implementation and monitoring of the rights and obligations which are contractually agreed between MBCM and the associated clubs.

Coordination of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz Club events anywhere in the world.

Monitoring of observance of CI/CD guidelines by the Mercedes-Benz Clubs at public events, taking the specified quality standards into account.

Planning, organization and staging of own events for Mercedes-Benz Clubs.

Support and consultancy for the clubs' public relations work with the aim of strengthening the Mercedes-Benz brand image.

Introduction of theMercedes-Benz ClubCard

Various attractive offers for Mercedes-Benz club members

ClubCard 2012 VS
Mercedes-Benz ClubCard (front side)

In 2006, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management  introduced its Mercedes-Benz ClubCard. More than 60,000 of these cards have been distributed to the members of the Mercedes-Benz Clubs worldwide. However, since many members still have questions concerning the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard, and the associated offerings are being continually expanded, we have decided to help by providing the following information.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Club Management (MBCCM)
MBCCM is the central umbrella organization for all Mercedes-Benz brand clubs. There are a total of 80 officially recognized Mercedes-Benz Clubs worldwide, with more than 100,000 members. Since 2006 the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard is the official means of identification of our club members.

The Mercedes-Benz ClubLounge is online
The Mercedes-Benz ClubLounge provides information on Mercedes-Benz ClubCard offerings, and it has a number of special features, including a member forum, prize competitions and a dealer discount product list.

Mercedes-Benz ClubLounge

Museum admission ticket discounts
The Mercedes-Benz ClubCard entitles club members to discount prices for admission tickets to many museums in Germany. In the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, for example, holders of the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard get free entrance!

Hotel offerings
For the club members, MBCCM has managed to make special hotel arrangements with premium partners.
Upon presenting the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard, club members receive a discount or can book special offers. The topic ‘Hotels’ presents a full list of our exclusive discount partner-hotels that entitle amenities for our members.

Online forum
One of the main features of MBCCM’s new Internet offerings is the Club Forum. The Forum is exclusively available for cardholders. To participate in the forum, card holders must first create a user profile in the ClubLounge.


The forum was established to promote communication among the club members and with Mercedes-Benz Classic. In addition to the employees responsible for Mercedes-Benz Club support, you will also be able to contact experts from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Service Center which is the right contact for technical support. 



Questions concerning theMercedes-Benz ClubCard


How can I get a Mercedes-Benz ClubCard?
Only members of our officially recognised Mercedes-Benz Clubs are entitled to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz ClubCard. Application for a ClubCard should be made through the membership administration officer of the club of which you are a member.

How do I activate my Mercedes-Benz ClubCard?
The Mercedes-Benz ClubCard is automatically activated.

How do I get a new Mercedes-Benz ClubCard?
Lost or damaged your card? Changed your name?
The clubs themselves are responsible for ordering new cards. Please speak to the membership administration officer of your club.

Have your changed your address?
Please send your new address to the membership administration officer of your club. This officer will be responsible for sending the card to your new address in future.

I don't seem to be able to log into the ClubLounge?
To access the ClubLounge at you will need your ClubCard ID. You will find your club ID on the reverse of your Mercedes-Benz ClubCard. In the case of the 190 SL Club, for example, the ID is made up of the initials "SCD" and a six-digit number.

The password at first log-in is your surname, written in lower case letters.

If you still find you are unable to log in, please send an email with your contact details and ClubCard ID to:

Suggestions relating to the Mercedes-Benz ClubCard
If you and your company would like to become involved with the ClubCard programme, please email:

Mercedes-Benz wins Best ofShow title at the 2012 PebbleBeach Concours d’Elegance

Pepple Beach
• A Mercedes-Benz Saoutchik S Type receives the coveted award
• Originally delivered in 1928
• Seventh Best of Show title for Mercedes-Benz
Stuttgart – A Mercedes-Benz Saoutchik S Type has won this year’s Best of Show title at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The car, whose ‘torpedo’ bodywork with low windscreen was designed by French coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik, captured the hearts of the judges, who named it the finest vehicle on display at the prestigious event.
The Mercedes-Benz Classic Archives have information on the winning car to offer. It was originally ordered by Mercedes-Benz Comp. Inc., New York, for a Mr. Charles Levine, New York. On 2 August 1928, the chassis was delivered to Saoutchik in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. The company manufactured and mounted the sports two-seater body and charged 72,327.25 French Francs (equalling 11,572.35 Reichsmark) to Daimler-Benz AG in December 1928. The exact date of delivery is not documented, but it is supposed to have happened in December 1928.

25 years passenger airbag atMercedes-Benz

Beifahrer Airbag Testung

■The protective air cushion for the front passenger celebrated its debut in 1987 in the 126 model series
■An evolution of the airbag technology introduced by Mercedes-Benz in series production in 1981
■The optional equipment of that time is an industry standard in safety technology today

25 years ago Mercedes-Benz was the first automobile manufacturer in the world to introduce the front passenger airbag in a series-production car. The technology debuted in the S-Class (model series 126) at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 1987. It elevated the safety standards in Mercedes-Benz passenger cars to a new level and thus represented yet another logical step by the pioneer in passive vehicle safety in a long line of outstanding innovations.

The Mercedes-Benz Club ofAmerica Inc. at “Legends of theAutobahn 2012”

Legends of the AutobahnWith some 30,000 members in the US, Canada and 22 other countries the Mercedes-Benz Club of America Inc. is one of the world’s biggest official Mercedes-Benz brand clubs. The club was founded in 1956 and provides care for and advice on classic model series and modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles alike, some 50,000 of which are in the hands of club members.

A number of these superb collector’s items can be admired at the “Legends of the Autobahn” event on the grounds of the Rancho Cañada Golf Club in Carmel Valley on August 17, 2012. Located not far from famous Pebble Beach in California, the event in its third year has already become one of the must-see events at the Monterey Classic Car Week. Four marque enthusiast clubs of German premium manufacturers, the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, the BMW Car Club of America, the Porsche Club of America and the Audi Club North America, organize the event jointly and assemble a one-of-kind contingent of vehicles from German automobile history. Admission for visitors is free. Club members can register with their vehicles using the link below:

Photo Competition

10th anniversary Mercedes-Benz Classic Magazine

Fotowettbewerb 715

With its winter issue, the Mercedes-Benz Classic magazine will be celebrating its tenth birthday. We invite you to celebrate with us, helping produce ‘your’ Classic magazine – with your own photographs.

Goodwood Revival 2012

AvD 2012
■Original pre-war Silver Arrows made by Mercedes-Benz reunited on the racetrack at the Goodwood Revival (14 to 16 September 2012)
■Staged race to be held together with Auto Union vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Classic is bringing four original pre-war Silver Arrows to the racetrack at this year’s Goodwood Revival (14 to 16 September 2012). The Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix cars from the 1930s are playing the starring role in a staged race together with Auto Union vehicles from the Audi Tradition collection. “75 years after the cars made their debut in Britain, this is the first time that a significant number of Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Silver Arrows will be sharing the same track,” says Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic. “This guest appearance at Goodwood won’t hinge on hundredths of a second, however. It is instead a unique demonstration under simulated race conditions.”

Discount for Club Members inthe Mercedes-Benz Museum Shop

The members of the officially affiliated Mercedes-Benz brand clubs will get a 20% discount in the shop of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
This discount is also offered if the shop is present at the ADAC Eifelrennen for example and at different other events.
There is no discount for articles available which are subject to price-obligations for books, goods which are already reduced in price as well as articles below 5,- Euros.


Mercedes-Benz Classic

Topics for 2012


75 years ago – from 20 February to 7 March 1937: the Mercedes-Benz 320 (model series W 142) was presented at the Berlin Motor Show. Its outstanding features included high levels of spaciousness, comfort and convenience.

75 years ago – from spring 1937: the Mercedes-Benz W 125 became the brand's Formula racing car for the 1937 motorsport season. It proved extremely successful in enabling Rudolf Caracciola to pick up the title of European Champion, a feat comparable to winning the World Championship by today's standards.

Event: Mercedes-Benz Classic at the Rétromobile Motor Show in Paris, from 1 to 5 February 2012.

New Technical Information

Mercedes-Benz Classic serie W 126 on DVD

DVD S_Klasse<br />

Order no.: 6516 5629 50
Price: 129 Euro

Owners of S-Class vehicles (W126) now have another reason to be happy: Our new DVD in the series: "Information for Classics" offers them all the technical information that they'll need to keep their cars in tip-top shape.

The new DVD for W 126 enables fast access to all available owner's manuals and workshop information – including wiring diagrams – along with a complete overview of parts.

The DVD features a clearly arranged menu structure that will get you to the work descriptions that you need right away. You can then click a direct link to display all the parts needed for that job. You can also print out the instructions and use them while working on your vehicle. The relevant replacement parts are displayed after entering the vehicle identification number (VIN). With the shopping basket function, you can complete your order and print it out as a shopping list.

All of the documents on the DVD are available in both German and English.

To order just contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer or Internet:

New Mercedes-Benz Community

myvan is THE place for all van owners and drivers. You’ll find all the news about and best advice on vans. Meet like-minded people and trade stories and ideas. Introduce yourself and your van to the community and explore the blog, and the gallery.
We also want to supply you with useful tools that will simplify your everyday life. Let’s begin with our finder that helps you locate garages (also gas and electro), where to grab a quick bite and takeaways near you or wherever you want. You can also post your inside information or read other users’ recommendations.
Anyone and everyone can join, we’re all about exchange! Tell us what you think and what you care about. Create a profile and post blog entries as you like. is supported by Mercedes-Benz so not only do we have the inside scoop for the world of the star but we are also an independent stage for van fans.
You, the van drivers and owners, your vans and your business, are in the driver’s seat!

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